Rig-Tig by Stelton at Commonplace

Rig-Tig by Stelton at Commonplace

By Zach Peterson

Rig-Tig by Stelton at Commonplace

With a goal of expanding our selection of affordable kitchenwares, we are pleased to welcome Rig-Tig by Stelton to Commonplace.

Rig-Tig, or 'just right' in Danish, is a sub-brand of Stelton, the popular and well-established Danish design brand we added earlier this year. Their designs combine trending colors with modern forms, always keeping functionality in mind. The brand also keeps environmental impact in mind with every release, something we can certainly get behind.

A few early favorites from Rig-Tig here at Commonplace include the Cool-It Water Carafe and the Drop Colander. Both are reasonably priced at $30 and solve major needs - a big vessel for liquids (not always easy to find a well-designed version of) and a better way to clean and rinse vegetables.

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The Cool-It Water Carafe by Rig-Tig by Stelton

The Tray-It Bread Tray from Rig-Tig by Stelton
The Drop Colander from Rig-Tig by Stelton