Leather Care Tips & Tricks


Have questions about how to care and treat your new premium leather item? We asked the team at Winter Session for some tips & tricks to keep your leather item looking great as it ages naturally with use. Note: Some tips deal with features specific to Winter Session goods, but general principles can be applied to all leather goods we carry at Commonplace.

Any recommended care routine to follow over time to ensure long life of product?
WS: Regular use of your leather goods will maintain their strength and character. Leather is a natural product and so is conveniently already designed to exist in the world, interacting with the atmosphere and other surfaces. Be mindful of how many things you put in your wallet. Once the leather stretches, it will not shrink back to its original size. So if you want to put $100 in cash and 8 cards in your wallet, be prepared to commit to the stretch that it will induce.
Oops, spilled something - best way to go about cleaning the leather?
WS: You cannot remove any stains from liquid that has a color or dye to it (coffee, wine). As leather is particularly dense and absorbent, stain removers that might work a miracle on your linen trousers won't do the same for leather. You may try removing all the contents from your wallet and submerging the entire product in lukewarm water to help disperse the stain. Let it air-dry in a place with lots of ventilation. It may take a few days for your wallet to completely dry out. Keep in mind that when the leather is wet is is very vulnerable to stretching and when dry, may end up a slightly different shape.
Would you recommend any specific cleaning or conditioning products?
WS: Generally speaking, neatsfoot oil (which we will have available in small bottles on our website) may be used to recondition natural, undyed leather should it become dry or brittle for some reason. It will also help deepen the natural color of the leather. It can also be used on the waxed leather we use for our wallets, however it may remove some of the wax and the resulting surface may be more matte finish than glossy. You can also use any good-quality oil in the same way: coconut or olive oil work well. Simply pour a nickle-sized drop into your palm, rub your hands together and massage the oil into the leather. You may also use a rag for this task. Let air dry for about 20 minutes.
Additional tips and tricks?
WS: The leather that we use for our wallets is infused with wax, which is what gives it its depth of color and sheen. However if it becomes scratched or dinged, you can use a hair dryer to erase the superficial marks. Turn the hair dryer on high with hot heat and hold a few inches from the target area until the leather becomes warm and pliable. Use your fingers to rub the mark -- this redistributes the wax and should erase the problem.