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Most Talked About Accessories | Commonplace

Most Talked About Accessories (At Our Pop-Up)

We are officially two months into our Bay View (Milwaukee) pop-up. It has been interesting to take note of which accessories and home goods get the most attention in store, and which get the most questions. There are some clear front runners in that regard, and we have gathered them all here to share.
While there is some correlation between most talked about and sales, these aren't necessarily our best selling accessories and design goods. Standard Wax soy candles for example have sold well, but don't get quite the reaction of these below. They smell and look good - pretty self explanatory.
Check out the list below and as always - if YOU have any questions on our products, you can always email us with questions for online purchases. We'll do everything we can to ensure you get the answers needed to pick the correct leather wallet, backpack, cuff or storage item.
Good Thing - General Tray (Red) | Commonplace
01. Good Thing - General Tray // We get a number of questions from customers wondering just what the General Series is for. A routine was quickly development to explain the tray, bucket and bowl. It is pretty easy to talk about these design goods as they are easily some personal favorites.
Good Thing - Paper Display (Green) | Commonplace
02. Good Thing - Paper Display // Despite usually being set up with a magazine or paper item for display purposes, the paper display still gets a ton of interest and questions. This one is certainly understandable as it is a really unique item. A quick explanation that the paper display can be used for your magazines or an 8" x 10" photo and the response is usually an excited "coooool".
Cast Bronze Bottle Opener | Commonplace
03. Cast Bronze Bottle Opener // No surprise here for us. The Cast Bronze Collection has been a popular one since its launch earlier this year. The real kicker is the weight up the bottle opener in hand. We love when people are surprised at just how solid the opener is, and just how beautiful it and its coaster partner are.
Craighill - Square Cuff (Brass) | Commonplace
04. Craighill - Square Cuff (Brass) // This one here is a surprise. We don't mind any question, but, by far the most surprising has been about these cuffs. Sometime in mid-April the question, "what are these, shower curtain holders" was asked about the cuffs. Correct shape, have to agree there.
Craighill - Wilson Keyrings | Commonplace
05. Craighill - Wilson Keyrings // Simple, shiny and kind of fun to play with. We get a few questions on what the keyrings are used for, with most people then saying that's what they thought after. Just needed to make sure.